Friday, July 29, 2011

Here’s looking at You, Sea - Hone Tuwhare

Here’s looking at You, Sea

The sea excitedly inciteful is outrageously
including itself in amateur theatricals again.

The waves are like
white fringed layers
of green carpet, unfolding.

The small focus I have of them
from my constricted
viewpoint is impressed
on my imagining, roll-on mind-film,

Their continuity of ebb, of flow,
lugging in sacks full of pipi, kutai,
tuangi, kina, tio & karahu – to mention
just a small line-up of the
succulent bounties of the sea
that are life-giving – gives me pause
as well as time, for a prayer
of thanks to you, Tangaroa.

Wind & current, however, are mischievous
play-mates. When a decision
is made for them to insert
a speak-easy-spoke into the
sea’s water wheel works then –

O then, drama abounds for sure,
and the window to the sea-ward
side of my crib begins rattle-screeching
an order for me to ‘Come out! Come out, Sloth!
And witness this!’
‘Uh huh’, I say.

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