Monday, September 19, 2011

Carnival of Chocolate - Jenny Powell-Chalmers

Carnival of Chocolate - Jenny Powell-Chalmers

Roll up roll up
to the city of dreams
the city of gold
that will hold your heart
in the hills,

Roll up to the city of chocolate,
the Cumberland Castle of Cadbury
heavenly home of Flakes and Freddos
Picnics and Peppys, Chocolate Fish,
every bar you could possibly wish.

Roll down your Giant Jaffas
from the tip of the top
of the steepest street, paint
the face of a modern madonna
whose mouth is munching
her melting Crunchie, sample
the wares of a chocolate fair,
at the city cafes demand for yourself
the Cadbury Carnival dish of the day.

Roll out roll out the raspberry carpet
to Cadbury World and open the doors
with a fanfare, a flourish of fabulous
flair and let your mind feel free to fly

travel in time to the Aztec
King who drinks cup after cup
of some bitter stuff; an early
hot chocolate, he can’t get enough

sip on the 1700’s brew, a balm
for the mouth, a cleanser of sins,
a substitute for the evils of gin

flip into Yowie fantasy to guard
our mountains, rivers and sea,
where time is a cosmic infinity
a Cadbury chocolate mystery

follow a path of perfect Pinkys
around the planet and when
you want more, gaze into space
at the Assorted Milk Trays, gasp
at the dazzling chocolate display

nibble a Nougat, a Coffee Cream,
a Turkish Delight throughout
the night for the promise of passion
the lustre of love, the drift
of a Dairy Milk decadent dream

Roll up roll up
to the chocolate city,
Roll up roll up
to the Cadbury World.

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