Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A woman Photographed – Fiona Kidman

A woman Photographed – Fiona Kidman
(Text from ‘Let us now praise famous women’/Andrea Fisher)

As she sleeps the arm head hair
of a woman fall
across the door
of her open-top
car. The image is highly sensuous;
we associate pleasure
with security:
with knowing a Self
however tenuous
or fleeting, and its relation
to the other.

Back and forth she carries us
across the fraught
and endless narratives who
is she, what is she doing?
is it
me, is it her? Her

absent body
is replaced
by the car. Horizontal strokes of light
and shadow

alternate over her arm and onto
the paralleling curves. Through
the extension of softly
lit surfaces it may be though
that face arm and car
become h
her one

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