Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Bushfeller – Eileen Duggan

The Bushfeller – Eileen Duggan

Lord, mind your trees today!
My man is out there clearing.
God send the ships fly safe.
My heart is always fearing.

And let the axehead hold!
My dreams are all of felling.
He earns our bread fart back.
And then there is no telling.

If he came onme at nights,
We’d know, but it is only –
We might not even hear –
A man could lie there lonely.

God, let the trunks fall clear,
He did not choose his calling;
He’s young and full of life –
A tree is heavy, falling

O'Sullivan, V. (Ed.). (1979). An anthology of twentieth century New Zealand poetry. Wellington: Oxford University Press.

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