Monday, April 23, 2012

Ru-au-moko - Hone Tuwhare

Ru-au-moko - Hone Tuwhare

if you go by way of
do not linger where
the dark gorge broods

Move on
Do not eat or drink there
nor stop to fish the turbulence
of the snarled river-bed for eels;
potato plants, swirling.

by the broke ngaio tree
and in your own hard fashion
three times curse him

Within the shattered bluff
with rocks on cubed rocks piling
Ru-au-moko* sleeps

Swear hard at him traveller
for your good luck:
his lullaby and appeasement

*Ru-au-moko - Maori god of Earthquakes

(2007). D. O'Meara (Ed.), Voices of the Pacific: A poetry resource Auckland: Pearson Education.

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