Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Under Mangere Mountain - David Eggleton

Under Mangere Mountain - David Eggleton

The Indian greengrocer smiles,
a Bombay movie star
amongst his deep-red watermelons
orange blistered tangelos
rain-washed sun-kissed mangos.
Peaches cling together.
Steam rises from the concrete curves of airport
From shower-soaked market gardens.
Cars nose like fish

through the humid air.
The ocean-blue sky unfurls creamy reefs of
Gentle breezes off the fresh salt spray
sweep across the isthmus.
Leaves are emerald geckos doing acrobatics.
The jelly-green hill quivers.

(2007). D. O'Meara (Ed.), Voices of the Pacific: A poetry resource Auckland: Pearson Education.

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