Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Waitangi Day, Porirua - Vivenne Plumb

Waitangi Day, Porirua - Vivenne Plumb

The best place to be on Waitangi
Day is Porirua, and I gaze
up, and the clouds right above me have
elongated themselves, so they resemble
ribs, and I look out as if I am
inside the body. Tahi, rua,
two moons in one small month and they are
calling them blue. Paua fritters three
dollars, big yellow blow-up bouncy
castle, flax bangles, sausage on a
stick, watermelon, eight guys in a
waka on the still lagoon. Bhuja.
An Indian woman sells me bhuja.
Porirua reggae is the best.
It is Bob Marley's birthday, stir it
up little darlin.
The men wearing
lava lava beat the drums, the kids
jump in the fountain, hangi be quick
only four dollars for a good feed.

(2007). D. O'Meara (Ed.), Voices of the Pacific: A poetry resource Auckland: Pearson Education.

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